Meet experienced family law attorney and divorce lawyer, Ben Carrasco.

I am a Stanford-educated family law and litigation attorney based in Austin, TX. Before starting my own firm, I practiced business litigation at a top corporate law firm. In other words, I’m not your typical divorce lawyer. My firm was founded on the idea that families going through challenging times deserve the same caliber of representation as the Fortune 500 clients I used to represent.

My family law practice spans all areas of family law, including:

In addition to family law, I continue to practice general civil litigation.

My firm is distinguished not only by the credentials I bring to the table but by the way I practice law – relentlessly focused on providing unparalleled client service and aggressively preparing cases for trial, not just settlement. The most common complaint clients have about their divorce lawyer is lack of communication. That does not happen with me. I am committed to being available to my clients, including outside of normal business hours. This isn’t just marketing babble. Read my reviews and you’ll see that I practice what I preach. Second, I’m not afraid of the courtroom. Many divorce lawyers in Austin pressure clients to settle the case early because trials are unpredictable and require hard work. I became an attorney precisely because I enjoy going to trial. To be sure, most cases should, and do, settle before trial. I never discourage a client from offering or accepting a fair settlement proposal. But I never shy away from the courtroom and develop a case with the expectation that it will go to trial.

Austin Litigator, Ben Carrasco

The time to trial was short, a matter of weeks, which made the challenge even greater. That notwithstanding, Ben was exceptional in comprehending and organizing our case and its presentation to the court…Ben performed better in court than attorneys with 20 years of experience and believe me, I know, having used those guys in the past and having paid their high fees, win or lose.
I contacted Mr. Carrasco during an emergency custody situation involving my son. Despite calling him during the Holidays—in fact I believe I called him on New Year’s Eve— he promptly returned my call and mapped out a strategy for my case. I was consistently impressed with his responsiveness and professionalism. With his help, I was able to achieve the result I wanted for my son. I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Carrasco.
“Ben Carrasco has my sincere gratitude and highest recommendation. … What came to impress me most is Ben’s work ethic. … Ben was always up front with me. … You need a smart, hardworking, legal-fluent advocate who will ably translate your needs and expectations into the language of the system and who will clearly explain what the system is telling you. Ben Carrasco did just that for me.”
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I created an awesome life for my wife and child, buying a home, car, etc. When she left, she tried to take it all, and stole the kid. Even though I had taken steps to legally prevent this, I definitely could have lost everything. Ben 100% took care of it, and flawlessly. I had my kid back literally in the first minute the system would allow. We are doing great. I would trust him again with my life/family any day.
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