Outstanding credentials and experience don’t mean very much if they’re not backed by the accolades that matter most–results. As an attorney, nothing is more rewarding than a satisfied client. I’m proud of the positive feedback my clients have taken the time to provide.

However, please don’t assume that great results in one case will be easily replicated in another. Your case and facts are unique. Regardless of the attorney’s skill, outcomes will vary. I can tell you that while I’m proud of my overall record, I don’t bat a 1.000. Nevertheless, you will notice some consistent themes in my reviews

  • I’m always prepared
  • I perform well in the courtroom;
  • I don’t gouge my clients on fees; and
  • I represent my clients with professionalism and integrity.

Even if you don’t ultimately achieve the outcome you want, it is hard to ask for more out of your attorney.

Ben Carrasco is an outstanding attorney. He worked diligently and intelligently on my behalf in a matter that was both complex and contentious. He was nearly always available to answer my many questions and did so clearly and concisely. I was particularly impressed by his attention to detail and his poise before the court. I quickly became quite myself confident that no matter the issue or obstacle Ben would be well prepared and mentally agile in his approach and practice. I highly recommend Ben for difficult divorce and custody issues. – Dr. R. Boone

Mr Carrasco is an outstanding Attorney and one of the most honest Attorney’s I have met. He has helped my family tremendously and changed our lives forever. Attention to detail is what he is good at and worth every penny. He will send you a receipt every month and charge you the correct time to the minute. I have never delt with an attorney with so much integrity. He is the man for the job and extremely professional. Thank you for everything and people need more men like you sir! – Chad C.

I would like to express my gratitude to this outstanding attorney – Mr. Ben Carrasco. I am still in the middle of my complicated divorce case, but I am very confident and calm knowing that any outcome will be fair and in my best interest because I am protected by a highly professional, knowledgeable attorney – Ben Carrasco. My divorce process is very difficult because the initial phase of the case focused on the enforceability of a premarital agreement. The premarital agreement was initiated by my husband and was signed before our marriage in California. I am a foreigner. Unfortunately I was misled by my husband during the process of signing the premarital agreement. I was shocked when after several years of marriage my husband filed for the divorce. I met with several divorce attorneys in Austin, TX, and my case was politely rejected by every one of them. I was extremely lucky to send my e-mail – request to Mr. Ben Carrasco. Ben was very honest and did not give me unrealistic hope or promises. He always was very prompt and direct in answering my questions. We communicated mostly through e-mails. The fees I was charged for this complicated case were extremely reasonable. This case lasted for several months and ended with a two day trial regarding whether or not the premarital agreement was enforceable. During this very stressful process I fully relied on Ben. I was very impressed by Ben as a professional and individual. He is a very intelligent, logical, patient, knowledgeable attorney, who paid attention to the important details and with whom I was comfortable to share very sensitive private information which was important for the case. I trust Ben. He took the lead in my case and he won it! Several times during this process my husband complained about Ben being aggressive. I consider this to be a compliment to Ben. I am very thankful to Ben, and I would highly and without any hesitation recommend Mr. Ben Carrasco as great attorney and person. – Natalia M.

I did research before selecting Ben to do my divorce. Unfortunately, it was not my first divorce and I already knew how difficult and prolonged these matters take. I met with other attorneys before I decided that Ben would be the best to help me. His education and experience really appealed to me and I certainly am glad that I chose him. I was a basket case the entire time because I did not want the divorce, so he was forced to listen to phone calls with a crying client many times. He was very patient and just let me get it all out even though , of course these were things that he could not help me with. He then would have me focus back on the case and what we needed to do legally. Even so, he still answered the phone every time and was so attentive to my situation. When you call Ben he is always there and if not he returns your call within a few minutes. This applies to weekends and evenings. He is on top of everything steering the way to a quick resolution and divorce. He protected me during this process because he could tell that I was a mess. He did an AMAZING job with my outcome and many people are surprised when I tell them the final outcome of my divorce. They really do not believe me because it is so much more than the standard result., I received such an additional amount because Ben did such a wonderful job. He negotiated my needs, and DEMANDED that the other side respond in my favor, while at the same time keeping me out of a long court divorce. My divorce was over very quickly and he wrapped up all of the details just like a pro. Our divorce had many complicated real estate issues in it and Ben took care of all of them . He added extra documents to make sure that I would not have to pay any taxes now or in the future on what I had been awarded in the divorce. I have grown to really admire and appreciate Ben for everything that he did for me. He is smart, handsome, quiet, so educated and will catch anything that the other side trys to do and throw it back to them in double. I would tell anyone to use him for their legal matters because in the end you will be so happy that you did. He will take such good care of you because that is just what he does and he does it very well! I have two grown sons just about Ben’s age and he protected me like my boys do. In the end I have only great things to say about Ben. – Kathy

Ben is a remarkable attorney who is experienced, strategic in his approach and reachable and responsive at all times. Ben is simply a great person that is compassionate, honest, and has your back at all times. He is cost-effective as well and transparent by setting expectations well in advance. Ben helped me finalize my divorce after I decided to let go of my previous attorney who didn’t get the job done. Finding a good divorce attorney isn’t easy and I wish I would have found Ben when I started my divorce. It would have saved me lots of money and months. After seven months of making little progress with my prior attorney, I thoroughly researched multiple attorneys since my case became highly contested and no end seemed to be near but then, I found Ben. Ben took swift action right after we agreed to work together and he got me into mediation quickly and I got a divorce with an outcome that was just and right and met my expectations. I immediately trusted Ben after seeing how quickly he took action with outcomes that directly benefited me and moved towards finalizing my divorce. – Michael

Being my first (and hopefully only) divorce I had no idea what I was doing. The first lawyer I hired was atrocious! He was part of the good ole’ boys club and I got billed when I called him to have him give me a report that he had done nothing in my case (several months strong!): true story. I thought for sure what people say about lawyers must be true…and then I found Ben. Ben was the 8th lawyer I interviewed and he isn’t like other lawyers and that’s a good thing. First of all, Ben is the ultimate professional: knowledgeable, honest, hard working, and straight forward. Ben doesn’t throw faces or provide drama that a client has to manage in addition to their already unfortunate situation. He also isn’t a lawyer who hides behind a fancy building with lots of support staff fielding interactions with clients: he is, however, responsive and because he doesn’t have the overhead, his rates are reasonable. Don’t get me wrong, the building he is in is nice, you just don’t feel like your payments are going towards the Italian office desks or cork flooring. In the courtroom Ben was more prepared than my husband’s lawyer and his arguments were more strategic and effective. There was absolutely nothing easy or straight forward about my case and in the beginning I never thought I’d say this, but my life is better now. Really, I’m telling you: do yourself a favor and just call Ben. – Hannah

Both times, thus far in court, Ben’s presentation was confident, precise, and backed by facts. In my experience with lawyers, I can easily call this guy a ‘heavy hitter.’ His primary concern has been, and continues to be, the welfare of the children. If you’re looking for an attorney that is going to give you fluff, or blow sunshine up your skirt, Mr. Carrasco is most likely NOT the attorney for you. He deals in facts, hard evidence, and logic. His honesty and professionalism doesn’t afford him the luxury of giving you false expectations or hopes. You’ll always know what needs to be done, what is expected, and which angles to approach. Truthfully, I’m still in the middle of my battle, and the case isn’t concluded yet, but even if I were to lose my case, I can tell you with the utmost confidence that I am genuinely impressed with Ben’s performance, attitude, and his flexibility. – Jon

Mr. Carrasco was my fourth lawyer handling my case. I found in him the one who I really needed after the first three lawyers failed to deliver in ten years what Mr. Carrasco was able to achieve in just a few months. First, I was quite pleased with his communication style. He didn’t just listen, but asked relevant questions and kept me to the point. From the beginning he was passionate and took ownership of the case even when at times I found myself with little time to interact with him. His exhaustive research and preparation showed during the trial. His closing argument was simply brilliant and inspiring. The outcome of the case was even better than I expected, yet from the start I was already pleased by his services for the way he communicated with me. In summary Mr. Carrasco exceeded the already high expectations that I had for a professional of his caliber. – Franklin

I’m a seasoned tech executive with over 20 years of experience in my field. During my career, I’ve worked with many attorneys on a wide variety of issues This is my first experience using an attorney in personal matters. Ben has far exceeded my expectations on how an attorney works with clients. My expectations are that an attorney will be: knowledgeable, professional, responsive, trustworthy, experienced, and respectful. Ben is all those things, and more. Ben handled my divorce case expertly. He provided the information I needed to make necessary decisions without delay. He worked closely with me on strategy, giving his opinion on matters without being pushy or demanding — something other attorneys could benefit from emulating.Ben also helped keep me focused on the issues at hand. Divorce cases are clearly emotionally charged. Ben listened to my occasional emotional outbursts and refocused me on the critical issues. This was a pleasant, and useful, surprise! I really appreciated Ben’s ability to apply pressure to opposing counsel as well. During part of my case there was some unreasonable foot dragging. Ben applied appropriate and effective pressure to move things along.As of this writing, his rate is $250/hour. That’s quite a bargain from where I’m sitting based on his level of service. What makes this rate so competitive is how Ben manages his time. He bills just for what he does. I experienced no “padding” of the billable hours and everything he charged for was crystal clear to me. My ex-wife’s attorney charges a similar hourly rate but her fees far exceeded mine in this case. This is a testament to how efficient Ben is with his time.My time is extremely important to me. I don’t have the patience for wasting it on frivolous meetings or useless endeavors. Ben and I conducted most of our business online via. email. This was tremendously valuable to me. He responded rapidly both on and off business hours. Ben clearly has a passion for his work and it shows in how he treats his clients.What I got from my relationship with Ben in this case was a partner. Fantastically valuable. I’d give the highest recommendation for Ben to anyone without hesitation.” – Stephen

The time to trial was short, a matter of weeks, which made the challenge even greater. That notwithstanding, Ben was exceptional in comprehending and organizing our case and its presentation to the court…Ben performed better in court than attorneys with 20 years of experience and believe me, I know, having used those guys in the past and having paid their high fees, win or lose.” – Tony

Ben Carrasco has my sincere gratitude and highest recommendation. When I saw that my marriage was unsalvageable, I went online to find an attorney. I studied a number of websites, but I really liked what I read on Ben Carrasco’s webpage for a number of reasons–his distinguished academic background, impressive work history and other clients’ reviews to be sure–but mainly, I liked his straightforward explanation of how he does business. After he began representing me, what came to impress me most is Ben’s work ethic. He worked hard on my case, frequently contacting me at night and on weekends to get my input, clarify facts and ensure he was accurately representing my expectations. When a foolish act on my part complicated what should have been a simple divorce, Ben took that in stride and worked even harder to help get my mess untangled.
On his website, Ben talks about lawyers who are afraid of the courtroom, and he tells you he is not one of them. Believe him. He represented me in an unusual dual hearing, simultaneously taking on a county attorney for one hearing and my spouse’s divorce attorney for another. The extent of his preparation in comparison to that of the opposing attorneys was obvious. Ben did a better job of getting ready for the hearings, and because he was ready, he did a superior job of presenting my side of the story logically, clearly and when necessary, forcefully. As a result, the judge’s ruling clearly favored my position. Ben was always up front with me. If I suggested a course of action that made sense to me but was not necessarily a brilliant move from a legal point of view, he let me know, sometimes bluntly, but always with my best interests in mind. What I learned from my experience is that the legal system speaks a different language. What seemed fair or just or obvious from my point of view was not always what the legal system has determined to be fair or just or obvious. In other words, if you’re compelled to use the legal system, you need someone who speaks the language. You need a smart, hardworking, legal-fluent advocate who will ably translate your needs and expectations into the language of the system and who will clearly explain what the system is telling you. Ben Carrasco did just that for me. I’m glad I asked him to represent me, and I feel fortunate that he agreed to take my case.” – Larry

Ben was a staunch ally, candid, committed to serving my best interests and kept me informed throughout the divorce proceedings, handling things promptly and representing me with steady conviction. I saw him in action both in the courtroom for a temporary orders hearing as well as in mediation, and he was articulate and moreover sincere.Ben is smart, and does not pad his bills with gratuitous fees. He works hard — often responding to emails of mine late at night, or taking calls when I really had a few urgent considerations and needed to communicate with him pronto. He is a good man, and a good attorney. – Dalya

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