There are a number of good things that you can do for your marriage, including listening to your spouse, prioritizing compromise, and even forming a postnuptial agreement. Texas maintains strict rules for doing the latter, however, so if you’re thinking about forming a postnup, working… Read On

A decade is a long time, and if that’s how long it’s been since you first said “I do” when gazing into the eyes of your spouse, dissolving your marriage now may be both legally and emotionally complicated. To be sure, the longer that a… Read On

Texas is a no fault state for divorce in the sense that you can file a no fault divorce, which means that in your divorce paperwork, you cite “insupportability” as the reason for your divorce. However, no fault divorce is not the only option in… Read On

These days, it is impossible to find a state that doesn’t offer the option for a no-fault divorce. The last state to pass such legislation was New York in 2010. Texas offers its residents the option of filing either at-fault or no-fault divorces. Nonetheless, when… Read On

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Texas is a state in which it’s possible to file for either a no-fault or a fault-based divorce. No-fault divorces are much more common and far less complicated. It’s when you and your former spouse say you just can’t make it work anymore and it’s… Read On

In many Texas divorce cases, the division of retirement assets is extremely important. Retirement assets and pension benefits can help ensure a more solid future, and it’s understandable that both parties will want their fair share. However, fair share does not mean simply dividing all… Read On

Texas is a community property state. This means that all property and debt that was acquired or earned during a marriage (meaning, from the date of marriage until the date of divorce) is community property, unless one spouse can prove that one or more assets… Read On

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