Divorce is far from rare. The Texas Department of Health Services reports that there are more than 75,000 divorces in the state each year. Despite being relatively common, going through a marital separation is never easy for the couple that is involved in it. Every… Read On

When a child is removed from a home due to abuse, neglect, or because parents are otherwise unable to provide care, Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) has a duty to seek proper living arrangements. Though the laws favor placing the child with a relative, grandparents… Read On

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Understanding one’s duties and rights as they pertain to child support in Texas can be difficult. However, the basis of all support obligations is this: all parents have a duty to provide for their child financially. When a court issues an order requiring a parent… Read On

All parents have a duty to provide for their children. Because many parents are divorced or otherwise not living together, the how of providing can be complicated. To simplify matters, Texas courts typically order noncustodial parents to make recurring child support payments to custodial parents…. Read On